Shoulder pain is a common problem treated by physiotherapists. This may be following an accident/injury or may have come on without warning.

Shoulder pain can be as a result of a structural problem within the shoulder joint it’s self but can also be as a result of referred pain from the nerves in the neck or possibly a combination of the two.

Often painful shoulders can become stiff as the patient is fearful of moving the joint and this can lead to further problems. It is important to make sure that shoulders maintain their range of movement not only to avoid stiffness in the joint but to keep the surrounding muscles functioning.

At Chitts Hill Physiotherapy we aim to identify the structures causing the problems and through a range of treatment techniques including mobilisation, manipulation, exercise and acupuncture change the mechanics that are causing the pain. We also ensure that the cause of the pain is thoroughly explained to the patient and steps put in place to help prevent the problem from recurring.

Please contact us if you wish to find out how we can help with your shoulder pain.